team-leslieLeslie Gallo joined Artemis International in 2004 after a 15-year career in technology as director of operations and technical services for Novaworks, the #1 Apple Computer Specialist company in New York City.  Deciding it was time for a change, she moved to Fort Wayne, IN, and through a mutual acquaintance, met Jan Mills, who was in need of a person to head sales and marketing and day-to-day business operations.

Although Leslie came from the tech world and knew little about the natural products industry at the time, she was very successful in marketing a company’s products and services and heading business operations.  An avid believer in the benefits of natural and alternative therapies long before it was a “thing,” Leslie was excited to immerse herself in this world.  Guided by her interest and strong operations background, coupled with her intense drive to succeed and desire to grow a business, she joined the Artemis family and Jan’s vision for the company.

More than 10 years later, the relationship has thrived.  Leslie heads Artemis’ business operations and sales efforts, including the development of the product line, manufacturing partners, review of extraction technologies, developing vendor relationships, oversight of quality control and facility audits, and is a key player in all aspects of Artemis business. Leslie pushes herself and all of Artemis to be innovators and to provide the highest level of service and quality in the industry.

In her spare time, Leslie is an avid animal rescuer and volunteers with local shelters & wildlife rescue groups.  Leslie is a Certified Indiana Master Naturalist and has been on the boards of local parks including Fox Island Alliance as well as liaison to the parent board for the Greater Allen County Park system.  In addition, she currently serves as board member for her local community group. On weekends you will find her wandering through local farmer’s markets, hiking, swimming, taking a yoga class or hiking with her dog. A certified scuba diver and deep water enthusiast, when not in the water swimming or paddle boarding, she enjoys gardening, hiking, listening to local music and enjoying a glass of wine or micro-brewed beer.


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